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Light Between the Shadows

Light Between the Shadows has been written with warmth and meaning to open your heart, comfort your mind and heal your soul, when clarity and guidance are needed.


It’s an A-Z of inspirational thoughts on topics such as divorce; friendship, even a verse written about those inevitable wrinkles that appear as the years pass by. It is hoped this book will be your life’s companion, offering support during difficult times, and help you rise out of the shadows, towards happiness and light.


The words in Light Between the Shadows are composed for you with kindness and grace; embrace

their gentleness to help guide you along your journey. Several of the verses in Light Between the

Shadows are written from personal experiences, others inspired by the wonderful people JJ has met along the way.


This book encourages you to enjoy the peaceful moments, embrace the fun and laughter of life,

accept the times of sorrow and sadness – as there will always be shadows where there is light.

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