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Today JJ lives in Surrey with her husband and their mischievous six month old

Shetland Sheepdog. She is often asked when her passion for writing began.  “It has

always been part of my life even at primary school I was well known for the stories I

used to write”. While on holiday, she would spend time relaxing with her trusty

notepad and pen, so she could keep a journal of her daily activities. She would also

use this precious time to put her ideas down on paper; ready for the next written

project she had in mind. Over the years, her desire has always been to have her work

published, but as she says. “Life just gets in the way sometimes”. Many people, who

she has met over the years, have inspired her writing. At one time her career took

her to work in Thailand as an offshore investment advisor. This had a huge impact

on her life as she met many amazing interesting people who influenced her both

spiritually and emotionally. From there she decided to return to the UK and start up her own small business.

She desperately wanted to get out of the rat race and do something more fulfilling. After training as an animal behaviorist, dog groomer, and a Bach Flower remedy practitioner, she set up a small pet care business, and ran it for 13 years. She eventually decided to sell the company and follow her childhood dream of becoming a writer, and that’s where she is today. In her spare time she is very interested in researching complementary medicine and therapy. She has studied NLP, mindfulness meditation and spiritual healing. Her positive outlook on life is what drives her forward, believing that kindness is infectious and has a snowball affect. Her aim is to share this optimistic outlook with others, to bring a smile to all around the world.  




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